Apr 05, 2022


Once created, the software and rights to use it will be wholly owned by the client. CmdShiftR Ltd will be the natural choice of developer to continue working with the system, but you are perfectly at liberty to use other developers as you see fit.


Development of application and testing, installation of first run and further refinement of the application: plus travel & other expenses where necessary


As a FileMaker Business Alliance reseller we are able to offer software at a discounted rate. RRP rates are published at filemaker.com and our quote will be based on these prices, so are subject to fluctuation.


After the Initial quote has been accepted we will invoice for 1/3 of the development costs to book the work in. Once the work has been completed we will invoice for the next 1/3 when a 2 week bedding in and testing period will begin. The final 1/3 is invoiced once the work is completed. Further development – Invoices will be issued during the development and upload process, and are payable as per the terms on the invoice. Payments made after this period will be subject to late payment charges as set out by gov.uk in line with their Statutory Interest. Currently this is 8% plus Base Rate plus £40 per extra invoice raised.


CmdShiftR Ltd are fully insured against data loss. An appropriate backup schedule will be applied and utilised throughout the project.