Our values.

Finding a better way to do things is what makes us tick and so we create easy to use software that does all your administrative leg work for you. Ideal for SMEs and growing businesses, what makes us different is that our software is designed entirely around what you do and how you want to do it and we’re always on hand to help. Whatever the glitch in your system, whether it’s multiple spreadsheets, too much data, or not enough time, we’ll find a way to simplify, automate and organise it.

Louise Grant
Group Head of Business Operations
Lyra Group
Refresh how
you work

Our story.

Having revolutionised many of the tedious admin processes involved behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, James started using Claris FileMaker combined with his experience to do the same for businesses in other sectors. Today, CmdShiftR deliver efficiency, accuracy and productivity across a number of sectors.

Key people.

James Kelly

James is a certified Claris FileMaker Pro Developer with over 20 years’ experience. With a background as a tour manager in the entertainment sector, he first started using Claris FileMaker to make large quantities of data (think venue details, dates, contact details, receipts, invoices, incident reports, marketing details, technician details, equipment) easy to collate, manage and update. In a mission to banish the use of multiple spreadsheets, he’s gone on to transform numerous businesses from multinational organisations like Johnson & Johnson to dynamic start-ups.

He speaks FileMaker like a native, gets his daily kicks out of creating order from chaos and is rumoured to make a damn fine cup of tea.

Jenny Kelly

Jenny also has a background in the entertainment sector and has worked in stage management and technical theatre as well as in regional theatre and TV. She has also worked as an office manager in both the communication and health industries so brings unique insights into the challenges faced by many large organisations.

She too speaks FileMaker but mainly works on design and the user experience side of things making sure a system is intuitive and easy to use. She gets her kicks out of making sure it all works in the way you want it to work but she is silent on the subject of her ability to make good tea.

George Marchbank

Our newest team member George comes from a more traditional coding background, with experience of using Python to collect and parse through large amounts of data. Having relatively recently turned his hand to FileMaker, George is excited to use this prior experience to produce elegant database solutions to help your company develop and grow.

Prior to working in Software Development, George also worked in the entertainment industry, managing a nightclub for multiple years as well as having extensive experience working on radio.

Using both his experience in software development and customer service George is your go-to support contact. Rapidly responding to your emails and enquires, George works with you to perfect your database, sculpting it to your business’ needs.

Unlike the rest of the team George eschews caffeinated beverages. He is however particularly partial to a good herbal brew.

Dave Powell

Dave has over 15 years experience working with FileMaker to solve problems and improve workflow in a wide range of industries.

Most notably he has worked on several stop-motion feature films using FileMaker to manage all aspects of production from purchase orders to image processing.

Dave lives, eats and breathes FileMaker, fuelled not by tea, but vats of strong, freshly brewed coffee.

Developing your franchise

Developing your business into a viable franchise can be exciting but developing the software can be a challenge. And that’s where we can step in to help.

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