We’ll design branded and easy-to-use software for your franchise that works with your existing processes, making life easier for you, your franchisees, and their users. So you can launch your franchise knowing it’s attractive to franchisees and the end-user experience will be consistent, well-managed, and always on brand.


How it works

We start by taking the time to understand your business and systems, how you want your franchise to operate, and what experience you want to create for both your franchisees and end users.  Then we develop easy-to-use software that you can sell as part of your franchise model. And we provide you with ongoing support.

End-user experience

It’s really important that the end-user experience is smooth, easy and consistent with your brand. We don’t just make sure that your franchise operates smoothly between you and your franchisee, we also help design the end-user experience to make sure it’s easy for your franchisee to launch, manage and grow their business.

Designing your franchise

Replicating your business processes in a secure and useable way is often the hardest part of setting up a franchise and that’s what we do for you. As a part of this process, we’ll also recommend ways to improve your systems and help you develop an intuitive infrastructure from scratch.

Going to market

Branded, tried, tested, robust and secure software makes your franchise a much more attractive proposition for any would-be franchisee. Knowing it is easy to use and will help your franchisee set up and make a success of their business is another big win.

The process

  • We create the software for you and then you sell it on as part of your franchise model.
  • We retain the IP for the software, but we will never resell the software we have created for you to anyone else.
  • You recover the cost of the software from each franchisee, helping to recoup the costs of the original build.
  • Your franchisees pay our SLA for a minimum of 1 year. Thereafter they can move to a monthly rolling contract or choose alternative support.

What is included

  • Claris FileMaker licensing for up to 5 users (users are counted as those accessing the software on Macs or PCs and extra users can be added for £17 per user per month).
  • SSL certificate to protect data.
  • 2-hourly backup of data to the cloud.
  • Overnight off-site backup of data in case of catastrophic server failure.
  • Priority response times during office hours.
  • 1 hour of included development time per month to fix lost passwords, minor bugs, etc.

Franchise software FAQs

Is it suitable for my franchise?
We design the software specifically around your business model requirements which means it’s suitable for almost any franchise. In particular, it is suitable for membership organisations, businesses thinking of franchising into different geographical areas, any business not yet sure what their franchise model will look like and any business heavily reliant on Excel or free/low-cost software that’s not linked or working together.
How much does it cost?
Cost may vary according to your business model. However, our costs are designed to be highly competitive. Once we know a bit more about your business and what you need your software to do, we will provide you with a no obligation quote.
Is it secure?
Yes. We use Claris FileMaker to create your software which incorporates a robust unified security model. It is end-to-end encrypted using SSL and uses SHA512 encryption at rest. We do penetration testing annually on all our servers to make sure we are keeping up to date with current vulnerabilities. Our Service agreements always include 2 hourly back-ups to the cloud and an overnight back up to a different off-site provider in case of catastrophic failure.
How much ongoing support do we get?
We provide you with ongoing support. Our franchisee SLA also provides for 1 hour of development time per month to fix lost passwords, minor bugs, etc.