Aug 24, 2021

I was on holiday last week. And I took the brave decision to turn my phone off during the day, and just check it once each night to see if anything important needed my attention. After all, I spend my days surrounded by tech, using it make other people’s lives easier and more efficient, creating order from chaos. But that begs the question…

Can you have too much tech?

Being a small business owner, I don’t turn off entirely for a week; would a parent leave their toddler and not check on them? Would Romeo not send Juliet a cheeky text or two?

But being liberated from my emails and phone calls throughout the day made me appreciate the beauty of the Cornish countryside, the laughter of my wife and children, and strangely, the relationship I have with my phone.

We are all tethered to our devices and are vilified for it, but the tech is there for a reason, and has improved our knowledge and general standard of living immensely.

There’s no escaping reality

And that reality is that like it or not, we have a relationship with tech. With that little box in our pocket.  And although I doubt Shakespeare would have written “The Two Gentlemen of Samsung” or “The iPhone of Lucretia” were he alive today, you can certainly bet he’d have had a lot of tech in his sonnets and plays – they’d all have been written in Word for a start.

It’s not a case of how much you have

But what you do with it. We can all have a little too much of each other sometimes but it’s not necessarily grounds for divorce. And whilst you may not be enjoying the romance of the century with your technology, your smartphone is perhaps more Nurse than Romeo to Juliet. The facilitator rather than the main star but none the less, pivotal to the story’s success. The Malcolm to Macbeth.

Just take a moment to consider all the thousands of tasks that are made possible or easier: directions, shopping, reminders, messages, photo edits, banking, getting fit, creating films, learning new skills, the list goes on…just take a look at the Apps on your phone.

Which in turn then answers the question for me. Yes, a break from tech is sometimes a good thing. But no, I don’t think you can have too much tech. It’s what you do with it and how you manage it that counts. But I suppose I would say that, wouldn’t I.

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