Feb 04, 2023

CmdShiftR Ltd create custom applications for businesses and individuals “the client” as a framework for the storage and manipulation of data.

As a part of your FileMaker solution, there may be various integrations with third-party application programming interfaces (APIs)

Privacy Policy for interaction with Amazon API Service  Application access to Amazon user data

Access to data is granted through the “CmdShiftR” Amazon API application. The purpose of this is to access data from the client’s authenticated Amazon account (sales data, or profile data depending on the application being used). This data is served once requested by the client. At no time is the data accessible by CmdShiftR Ltd.

Application use of Amazon user data

Use of client data accessed through the “CmdShiftR” Amazon API application is at the client’s sole discretion. The data will be served within the client’s FileMaker application for the personal use of the client. CmdShiftR Ltd do not have access to this data, and will not use it in any way.

Application storage of Amazon user data

Data served to the client using the “CmdShiftR” Amazon API application will be stored within the client’s FileMaker application. CmdShiftR Ltd will have developer access to the client’s FileMaker application, and our GDPR policy covers the need of access therein.

Application sharing of Amazon user data

Data sharing is not possible with the “CmdShiftR” Amazon API application. It acts as an intermediary between a secure FileMaker application and an authenticated Amazon account. CmdShiftR Ltd have no access to this data, and it is only served to the authenticated account of the person requesting it.

CmdShiftR’s use of information received from Amazon APIs will adhere to Amazon API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


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