Jun 08, 2022

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Would you believe us if we told you this software update could help you meet the love of your life or buy a new Ferrari?

You’re right to be sceptical, but perhaps the suggestion isn’t all that farfetched. Let us explain and you can judge for yourself.

The developers behind FileMaker are all about creating software that makes it easier to build seamless business operations software. We’ve been working with FileMaker software for over 20 years and it’s our foundation for creating easy-to-use applications that are tailor made for your business, without the time and expense of building specialised software from scratch.

Every project we deliver for you, as one of our clients, gives you back time you were spending on keeping the business running. For many of our clients, it isn’t until a new solution is in place that they realise just how much time they could be clawing back.

Every update the good folks behind FileMaker release gives us more power to get you back that time. Time you can spend on whatever you want: scaling the business; earning more money to buy that Ferrari; finding your dream partner … or whatever you want more of in your life.

If we’ve already convinced you, you may be happy to skip the technical bit below and get in touch to see how much time we can help you get back. If you want to know more about what FileMaker does and its new features, read on.

What does Claris FileMaker do?

Claris FileMaker is a database application. We use it to create software that saves you time and money across your business. Effective software streamlines and supports your business processes, meaning your people spend less time on repetitive admin and on fixing errors that result from disjointed processes.

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FileMaker has been around and a major player in database software since the 1980s. It’s a top-level data solution that has always been stronger and more adaptable than Microsoft Access. After all this time, it’s clear it’s not going anywhere and its developers are committed to improving the product and releasing regular updates, the latest of which is version 19.5.

One of the reasons we use Claris FileMaker is its commitment to regular updates and new feature development: the latest update to version 19.5 includes over 400 bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security improvements. We know it’s not going to become obsolete or drop out of the market, so you can be confident your software will do what you need it to for as long as you need it to.

New features and what they mean for you

1. Upgrade for heavy data processing

We use FileMaker because it can handle all the routine data requests and processes you’d expect from a busy organisation with any number of users logged into the software at any given time.

However, every software application has its limit. FileMaker 19.5 improves on the previous release with an increased capacity to manage simultaneous requests, from multiple users, to the database. This means the stability of your business software is increased and it’s even less likely to crash or stop responding.

For example, if you’re managing up to 9,000 pieces of H&S equipment that are used all over the UK, with 20 staff members managing quality control checks, that can add up to a lot of simultaneous updates via the software. You want to know your software will keep up with your people, and FileMaker has now increased its capacity to do just that.

2. File Scripting memory cache from 64MB to 256MB – more memory for complex tasks

Claris have made a four-fold increase in the scripting engine memory cache for FileMaker Server. It won’t make the whole application run faster for you, but it will allow the server to deal much better with large and memory intensive tasks. So you’ll notice that your software runs more consistently smoothly, even when managing large tasks involving lots of files or data records at the same time.

3. Software Back-up will run faster, reducing downtime

Version 19.5 includes a feature for running parallel back-ups, meaning that those essential back-ups each of the databases your software uses are now able to run at the same time.

Because back-ups can tie up server resources and may even result in server downtime, they are usually scheduled for evenings and overnight to reduce the impact on business operations. However, where you have a team working across multiple time-zones, or working outside 9-5 there may not be a ‘good time’ for back-ups. The less time needed to create back-ups the better, so we welcome this new feature even though you may not notice much change in day-to-day operations.

4. FileMaker WebDirect is now faster and more secure.

FileMaker WebDirect was first launched in 2013 and it allows your users to access your software directly through a web browser, without needing to install software. This makes it possible to access your systems from anywhere and on almost any device that has connection to the internet.

Because security threats are constantly evolving, you should expect any business software you use to undergo regular security updates, especially where third party services are used (for example, Auth0, Open SSL, OmniORB, Socket.io). With FileMaker as the engine for your software, your people are able to access business critical systems from anywhere without having to take any risks with your data security.

Discover the benefits FileMaker can bring to your business

We have over 20 years expertise in building software solutions our clients love, using Claris FileMaker: get in touch to talk with us about your needs.