Jan 10, 2021

We all know that when you’re running a business, you need 100 pairs of hands to get it all done or 100 more hours in every day.

Or do you?

In our experience, there are a number of areas in most businesses where inefficiency has crept in, slowing down productivity, causing headaches and stealing valuable man hours. But with a little work on the system, it is possible to rid your business of these nagging headaches so you can power forward full throttle.

1. Say farewell to late invoicing

Cash is king, and if there’s no flow to your dough, your business won’t run as well as it could, and your life will be more stressful. The easiest way to improve cash flow is to invoice on time, every time. But we get it, you’re busy, and you have 101 different jobs to do, including invoicing and if it’s not your favourite task, it might just get shoved to the bottom of the list. Again.

But imagine software designed around you and your workflows, which integrates with all your other systems, inputs data automatically and means you can invoice easily and efficiently with just a few clicks. Job done. Payment received. Reconciliation complete. High five.

2. Ditch the double handling of data

Time is money. And the more time you spend doing something, the more costly it is. That’s multiplied when the time is spent on duplicated tasks like data being input several times in different places.

Wouldn’t it be great if when you went to do a task, all the information was already there so instead of copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste, it was just … click. Job done.

We believe your software should be designed to free up your time, so you can focus on what you are great at and what brings in the money.

3. Avoid Spreadsheet Overload Syndrome

How many spreadsheets?! Excel is a great tool, but yes, you can have too much of a good thing and when your info is scattered all over the place, it can cause headaches and create service issues. Not to mention the time spent processing line after line of data.

With bespoke software, all those different data areas can be brought into one place where valuable information is at your fingertips at anytime, anyplace, anywhere. A bit like Martini but better.

4. Speed up your processes

Every successful business, large or small, has two things in common – they have systems and processes. But how efficient are yours?  Are they quick and seamless or more like a snail on an afternoon amble?

Our software saves entrepreneurs time, it reduces inefficiency and improves the service you can offer your customers. We can streamline your way of doing things including speeding up the time it takes to book jobs in, recording staff hours, making sure all new enquiries get a quick response and get automatically added to the right place in your system and ensuring you never miss another important date or deadline. We take a lot of time to listen to clients about how you operate and design your software around your existing systems and processes.

5. Take Back Control

Did your systems develop on an ad hoc basis and are they just about cobbled together? A successful business can quickly outgrow your original way of doing things. You’re running but your systems are only just learning to walk and at some point, something inevitably is going to fall over. It’s probably not ‘if’ but ‘when’. And that’s the point where we can step in to help.

If your business feels like a runaway train, don’t despair – we know how to keep you on track and bring it back under control. We make sure all your various systems work seamlessly together and are secure and adaptable, so they can continue to meet your requirements as you grow.

Would you like to see where your software system could be costing you time and money?

Give us a call to book a 30-minute zoom for a no-obligation audit of how your software is performing.