May 25, 2021

If you’re thinking about customised software, it’s probably because your current system just isn’t working efficiently enough for you. Perhaps you’re spending too much time on doing stuff manually (inputting and processing data, dealing with emails, etc.) or maybe you’re worried about the risk of errors or are having trouble managing your data in a way that is meaningful, efficient and productive?

You’re pretty sure that you need new software, but your next thoughts are probably along the lines of: how much is this going to cost, how long will it take, should I buy an off the shelf solution instead and will my team be able to get to grips with it quickly enough? All good questions but here’s the deal…

Cue Claris FileMaker

If you haven’t heard of it, FileMaker is a type of customised software that can help your business grow more quickly with easy-to-use applications. It’s a really cost-effective solution because you don’t pay for functions you don’t need, and it’s quick to design and roll out so you see ROI on investment early.

FileMaker has been around since the late 1980s. It is lightyears ahead of Microsoft Access and competes with all top-level data solutions. And we’ve been working with FileMaker software for over 20 years.

Can it help us?

If you spend too much time on or are having issues with any of the following, then yes, it can help:

  • Managing multiple suppliers, employees or customers
  • Invoicing, expenses or timesheets, payroll or quotes
  • Managing production costs, assets, stock, stock control and inventory
  • Custom forms, record keeping, reports or daily logs
  • CRM and time management systems

With FileMaker, at the click of a button, you’ll be able to find a record, email a client with a quote, print mailing and asset labels, import and export information, fill forms and save hours of valuable time. We can even lock down areas for different teams/departments, ensure data is not erased in error, integrate with your own systems and create cloud-based applications ideal for multi-site environments.

But we use Windows or OSX, will it work for us?

Yes, if your business uses Windows or OSX, we can develop applications to work across both platforms, saving your staff hours of wasted time. Most systems can be integrated, and the apps can be used across desktops, web browsers, iPads and iPhones.

Can it handle our high quantities of data?

Yes. There is nothing it can’t handle. It is very powerful and will handle a complex structure or a small mailing list. It is also versatile and intuitive to work with.

But is this just a quick fix?

With FileMaker you don’t have to keep changing or upgrading your software.  Extra functionality can be added, and latest revisions keep up to date with security and interfaces with other apps you may use. The software is robust and keeps getting better year-on-year. Claris FileMaker is an Apple subsidiary and will be around for many years to come.

Will it be pricey?

You will need a license for the software, but this is low compared to alternatives which won’t necessarily match your needs or grow with your business as you expand. Dependent upon the project, you will need a development budget, but we can advise on exactly what you will need and following a discovery session, we will give you a quotation to match your requirements.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. We’ll design a system that your staff will find easy to use, manage and share data, making them more productive.

If you would like to discuss functions and features for your business or explore possibilities and find out how we can make your business more productive and future proof, please give us a call.