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More efficient
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Time saved
on mundane admin tasks

The client.

The Sussex Sign Company are a well-established sign making company with 25 years of client data.

The challenge.

The Sussex Sign Company needed a custom CRM database which allows them to see a list of clients, with dates of when they were last contacted.

After 25 years of making signs, The Sussex Sign Company are at the forefront of their field. In order to improve their client retention, they required a custom CRM which allows them to see a list of clients, a way of highlighting when customers were last contacted and flagging when they should be contacted again. They also wanted a simple way of taking a sales enquiry so a job sheet could be created and passed to the designers.

However, many of the off-shelf systems they had looked at had functions they didn’t need and seemed over complicated.

The solution.

A simple CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system.

CmdShiftR created an entirely bespoke system for the sales team to log in to each day, so they can work through the current list of clients. They can log each call at the click of a button, make any notes, and book in any more jobs that are required. The system also included a separate section for the manager to see each salesperson’s progress and set their KPIs each day.

Norman Mayhew
Managing Director
Sussex Signs

The results.

An intuitive system that does exactly what was needed and improves client retention and repeat business.

The client didn’t have to pay for expensive features that they didn’t require and now have a system that exactly meets their way of working and requirements. Their sales team know exactly who to contact and when with a view to securing a new sale.

Norman Mayhew
Managing Director
Sussex Signs